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How does it work

Transfer files from Android to Mac or PC

  • Make sure Ubidrop is running on your Mac or PC. The app sits quietly in your system tray, and does not get in your way.
  • In your Android, open your favorite gallery app or file manager and tap the Share icon.
  • From the list of apps to share to, choose Ubidrop.
  • Select the computer you would like to transfer the file to.

Transfer files from Mac or PC to Android

  • Click on the Ubidrop icon on your computer's system tray and select 'Send to Nearby'
  • Choose the file you would like to share.
  • From the list of nearby devices, select the Android you want to transfer your files to.
Both devices need to be on the same WiFi network or Hot Spot to be able to see each other.

Why not use Android file transfer?

Android File Transfer is Google's tool for transferring files from your Android to your desktop.

The tool has not been updated in a long time and feels dated.

Also, it is 2022 and the future is wireless.

Why not just use Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is one of the most popular technologies for sharing files and most devices support it. However, it is fairly slow and many report file transfers between Android and their computer not working as intended.

Setting up bluetooth transfers can be clunky as well, as it requires setting up PIN codes.

Why not email files to yourself?

Emails have an attachment file size limit of around 25 MB. Sending bigger files such as videos or more than ~6 high resolution photos will not work out of the box.

Emails require you to trust your email provider not to peak at your data. Sending email relies on sending your files to your email provider which forwards the emails to your other devices.

Why not message yourself photos and videos on a messaging app such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger?

Instant messaging apps compress the photos and videos you share. This can ruin the quality of your beautiful photos as you will not be receiving the same photo in your other devices.

Sending files via a messaging apps can be a security risk, as you are sharing your files with the messaging app first and then to your other devices. You cannot tell what those companies can do with your data, such as keep a copy of them, modify or sell them.

Why not transfer files via Google Drive, DropBox or some other cloud storage provider?

Cloud storage providers need to hold a copy of your data in order to have them available to other devices. This alone makes them really appealing targets to hackers, due to the amount of personal information they hold.

Your data also needs to travel from one device, to a far away server and then back to the device you would like to access the file. This, other than more security risk, sounds like an overkill.

Why not use a web based solution (such as ShareDrop or SnapDrop)?

Web based solutions might not be available when you need them. Websites can have outages and might be taken down without any notice.

Having an application installed on your device which operates offline such as Ubidrop, ensures that you will be able to share your files whenever you want.

Is Ubidrop available for iPhone?

Ubidrop is currently focusing on making the sharing experience across Android and computers the best it can be. Different platforms might be supported in the future.

Is this Android Airdrop?

Airdrop is Apple's technology for sharing files across Apple devices. It does not support devices out of the Apple ecosystem (such as Android devices).

Ubidrop allows you to seamlessly share files across your Mac or PC and Android devices. Similar to Airdrop, Ubidrop does not require any sign-ins, or exchanging PIN codes and it works without requiring access to the Internet.

Frequently asked questions

What files can I send?

You can send any kind of files, no matter the type.

How fast does it work?

Shares photos and videos taken from your phone's camera takes a couple of seconds.

Where are incoming files stored?

Your files will automatically be stored in your Android's Downloads folder. On your computer, the files are stored on your Desktop. You can change this location by tapping on the icon of your system tray and then click 'Save files to...'.

How can I share files offline?

Connect your Mac to your Android's Hot Spot or have both devices connect to your local WiFi. No file is shared over the Internet.

Is there a size limit to the files I can share?

No. You can share files of any size.

What versions of Mac OS are supported?

Ubidrop runs on any computer running Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 and above.

What versions of Android are supported?

Ubidrop runs on any Android device running Android 7.0 (Nougat) and above.

What does one year of updates mean?

Each Ubidrop license grants you unlimited access to Ubidrop on the computer that is activated on. This means that you can share as many files you want, forever. Each license comes with a year of free updates. After the year is over, you can still continue using Ubidrop, but you will need to renew you license to get future updates.

Is Ubidrop free?

Ubidrop on Desktop comes with a 7 day trial. After the trial is over you will need to purchase a license. The Android version of Ubidrop is free and does not require a license.

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