How to activate your Ubidrop license

You can use Ubidrop for free during your 7 day trial and send as many files you like. When your trial is over, you will need to activate a license to continue using Ubidrop.

Before you begin

  • Have your license ready. If you do not have a license, you can purchase one.
  • Start Ubidrop on your Mac
  • Make sure your Mac is connected to the Internet

Activate a Ubidrop license on your Mac

Click on the Ubidrop icon on your menu tray, right next to your Mac's clock, and then click Manage License. Ubidrop Menu

Enter your Ubidrop License in the License field, and click on Activate.

Where can I find my Ubidrop license

If you have already purchased a Ubidrop license, you should have received a licence key via email. If you cannot find your license, login to your Gumroad library and find your license there.

If you need a new license, click on the Purchase button or click here.

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