How to use Ubidrop on Mac

Ubidrop is the simplest way to transfer files such as photos, music and videos from your Mac to your Android devices. The files are shared wirelessly over your personal WiFi network or Hot Spot without the need for an Internet access.

Before you beging

Download and install Ubidrop on both your Mac and Android devices.

Transfer files from Mac to Android

Click on the Ubidrop icon in your system tray and then click 'Send to Nearby'

Ubidrop icon

Choose the file you would like to share and click 'Open'.

Send to nearby

Click on the nearby device you would like to send the file to and the transfer will start.

Receive files from Android to Mac

  • Make sure Ubidrop is running on your Mac.
  • On your Android, open your favorite gallery or file manager app and find the file you would like to transfer. Click on the share icon and then choose Ubidrop .
  • In the list of nearby devices, pick the Mac you would like to transfer the file to.

Can't find your Android via the Mac app?

Here is what to do if your Android does not appear in the list of nearby devices:

  • Make sure Ubidrop is running on your Android.
  • Check that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network or Hot Spot. To make sure if both devices are on the same network, make sure that the emojis displayed in the Android app and the Mac's system tray are identical. If not, the devices are not connected in the same network.
  • If your device is using a VPN, proxy or firewall, the devices might not be able to find one another. Disable them temporarily and try again.
  • If you are using a VPN, your Mac might not be able to find or to be seen by nearby devices. Some VPNs have settings to let your Mac to communicate with local devices. Have a look at your VPN's settings for a related option.
  • If you are using stealth mode, disable it temporarily in order for nearby devices to be able to find your Mac.
  • Your Mac will not be visible to nearby devices if your trial is over and you have not activated a license. Consider purchasing a license to continue using Ubidrop.
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